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Maximize Learning with Memnto - AI-Articles Summarizer for Quick Insights

Cut through the noise with Memnto. Our AI-powered Chrome extension gives you concise articles summaries. Boost your productivity and comprehension, swiftly. Embrace learning made simple with Memnto the AI tool article summary generator

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Build Your Second Brain with Memnto!

Tired of endless note-taking while browsing through articles? With just a click, transform tldr to a concise summary

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Just One Click

No more manual summaries. Hit the 'Summarize' button, and voilà, you've got a concise version of any learning content.

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Seamless Browsing

Read without interruptions. Our AI article summarize works quietly in the background, ready to distill articles when you are.

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Effortless Copy-Paste

Once summarized, simply copy your notes. Never lose an insight again.

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Dive into the vast ocean of the web and our website summarize be your guide, summarizing complex learning content, ensuring you absorb the essence without the fluff. With Memnto, you're not just browsing; you're building a powerhouse of knowledge.

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Go Premium with Memnto: Elevate Your Content Experience

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Speak your language

Reading an article in English but want the summary in French? Or maybe Spanish? No worries! With Memnto, you choose the summary language. Cool, right?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I install and set up Memnto ?
    Simply click here to install our article summarizer. No additional setup is required! Once installed, it will appear in your extensions next to the URL.
  • What languages does Memnto support ?
    Memnto summary generator supports all languages! Simply select your preferred language in the extension and enjoy tailored summaries.
  • On which type of content does Memnto works ?
    Memnto is a website summarizer and an article summarizer. It works on any content webpage when you're navigating through Google Chrome.
  • Can I save my summaries for later ?
    Absolutely! You can directly copy your summaries within the Memnto extension and get it to any word processor.
  • What if I encounter an issue or bug with Memnto ?
    No worries! Simply use the "Report an Issue" button within the article summarizer to let us know, and we'll get on it.
  • Are there any websites or platforms where Memnto might not work ?
    Memnto is a Chrome extension, so as long as you're using the Chrome browser, it should work seamlessly across websites. Just ensure you have Chrome up to date for the best experience!
  • Is my data private and secure with Memnto ?
    Absolutely! Your data's privacy and security are paramount to us. For detailed information, please read our Privacy Policy.
  • If I install Memnto, will my computer start laughing at my attempts to summarize articles manually ?
    Most likely! Even machines know a game-changer when they see one. But don't worry, Memnto's got your back... and your summaries. 😂📜
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